Saturday, April 9, 2011

Read-a-Thon Kickoff WHEEEEE!

So, as usual, I have been terrible about updating this blog. I've read a few books in the past month of so, but I've not wanted to talk about any of them. I'm not sure why, since they were good.

But today's the Read-a-Thon (1.5 hours and counting), and beyond just participating for the fun of it, I'm using the event to get back in touch with "writing about reading." The forced terseness of bihourly updates should help since part of my problem is "But I don't WANNA update, it's too HARD!" I'm hoping to remind myself: a) I'm happier when I'm creating content (even if it's just internet content nobody reads) and b) sometimes you guys find me amusing.

So I've already got an ambitious pile of books next to my couch... though, hmm, I just realized I should add something spooky to the pile... I bet a spooky book will help me keep awake later. ANYWAY, I'm gonna go shower. And then I'm gonna to get some coffee and a Naked juice. And then I'm gonna start. And that's my grand plan.

So good luck to everyone participating! Have a fabulous time, and may you not crash until 25 and a half hours from now. I certainly can't; I've got brunch plans in the morning, and if I sleep through them, I will be chastised by my Snarky Friend.

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