Friday, July 17, 2009

Moving On

Dudes! I am so totally out of the reading spirit! How does this happen?

Well I know how it happens. It happens because I've been moving (slowly) to a new place. And I'm not just occupying a new space, I'm making the space my own and preparing for a (hopefully) brand new life. I've been getting all new furniture and moving my old things a little at a time. So far I have no book storage except a little space in a closet, and in the interest of keeping the place airy and uncluttered, I'm going to have people come in to design and install shelves on the walls, especially up high. (I have 10.5-foot ceilings.) But I can't do that until I paint, but I can't do that until I decide on colors, but I can't do that until I finish getting bedding and towels and pillows, but I couldn't do that until all the big furniture came, which is has so I can.

All in all, my days, like my paragraphs, are long and full, and when it comes to be eveningtime after work, my repose consists of sitting in front of my brand new TV watching Heroes through my brand new Netflix streaming service that I get through my brand new Xbox360, a device that steals some time on its own.

Reading is engaging, and I don't want to be engaged any more than I already have been. While fun and relaxing, it takes concentration and commitment, both of which are in short supply right now. If I open one of the books I'm reading my brain goes "What is this words!?" And then it explodes.

Does anyone get like this? What do you do? Just wait until it goes away, or is there some sort of therapy? "Shut up and get over it" is an acceptable answer.

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  1. I am so glad that I'm not alone in not being able to read at all. Seriously...haven't been able to pick up a book lately which is really weird for me. Hope the move keeps going good!! All the new stuff sounds great :)


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