Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Meet Dieter

I figured my new blog should have a mascot: something that fit in with the theme of "dust and spores (and other potentially deadly organisms that can enter your body as a result of reading books)". So I opened up Adobe Illustrator, which I had NEVER used and which is, incidentally, INCREDIBLY HARD TO USE if you don't know anything about anything, but eventually I slogged my way through some basic functions and came up with this guy!


Meet Dieter! He is a spore, and he's not very smart. Even though he can't read, he loves books! If you ever open an old, moldy book and hear a tiny voice going "GRAAAAH!" as a microscopic organism flies towards your mouth, it's probably just Dieter saying hello.

He took me an hour and a half to make, so expect to see more of him in this exact pose.

And maybe some of his cousins!?!?!

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