Friday, August 7, 2009

Japanese Literature Challenge III


Ok I'm in. I wasn't going to do anything like this for a while -- at least until Infinite Jest was over -- but I noticed the timeframe was so big and the requirements to liberal that I thought "Ok!" And so: Bellezza's 3rd annual Japanese Literature Challenge.

My own self-imposed rule is that I'm only reading stuff off my TBR pile because it's not even a pile, it's a mountain so big I'd freeze to death before I got to the top. Brrr.

The goal is 1 book of Japanese origin by January 2010. I'm gonna go with three and see where it goes. To begin:

  • The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter / retold my Yasunari Kawabata -- This is a really neat edition of an old folktale with gorgeous illustrations. It's got the Japanese and the English translation in parallel, and even though I can't read a word of Japanese, it's still cool that it's there.
  • Norwegian Wood / Haruki Murakami -- This has been sitting there for like 2 years so ok.
  • Thousand Cranes / Yasunari Kawabata again -- I read Snow Country and The Master of Go in like 2 days each, so I'm sure all this needs is a good Saturday.

Ok bye.


  1. Scott, I'm so glad you're in and willing to give this a "Go". (See? I got it!) So many people are going to read Norwegian Wood this year, including myself. We should have a really good discussion when we each finish it. So, welcome, and I've added you to the Review Site!

  2. Oh yay! Online reading groups are my new favorite thing. Even if we're not doing it all at the same time.


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